Zhongjian anniversary joint name

For the first time, yunivers hsieh collaborated with the Japanese and Taiwanese fashion brand XRAGE (エックスレージ) to jointly design and create the "XRAGE 9th Anniversary Limited Edition". The watch follows the brand's consistent dark style, and is based on the concept of the traditional Japanese monster "Fusangshin" for this ninth anniversary (referring to the utensils that absorb the essence of heaven and earth after being placed for several years, gain spiritual power and turn into monsters. "Ushiki" monsters that stay there for many years) . The overall image of the watch is mainly black, purple and beige, extending from the dark case and black cowhide strap to the distinctive dial. The design of the hands is even more embellished with the claws of the cow ghost and the famous brand second hand, and finally through the cow ghost making a fuss. The embossed image of the trademark is hidden in the back cover, showing the complete ninth anniversary image of the watch.