Character Outfit Story

Everyone has their own story and an imagination of themselves in their minds. This project hopes to show each person's different life characteristics, watch accessories, and express their unique temperament and beauty. Through a short story and a sentence, Interpret the value and significance of people's existence.


  • Unwilling to be ordinary, unwilling to be lonely. Grow up in contradictions, find various answers in setbacks, accept and tolerate, work hard to polish yourself, and hope that you can also become a shining little star.

  • Series|ZUWATCH SERIES|Customized Series Case|TOUGH ROSE|Rose Gold Surface|LIGHT BLACK|Bright Model|Black Strap|ITALY LEATHER DARK BROWN|Italy|Dark Brown


    "Slowly is fastest."


  • Experience will wear away innocence, wounds will grow edges and corners, and reality will take away justice. The appearance of the world is constantly changing with every moment of the universe. A truly clear and clear heart can lead us to a simple and uncomplicated life. Faith is the best way to keep youth forever; the past should be let go, and the future should not be thought of. The important thing is to put aside fear and embrace the present with all your strength.

  • Series|ZUWATCH SERIES|Customized Series Case|CLASSIC ROSE|Rose Gold Surface|LIGHT SILVER|Bright Model|White Strap|MESH STRAP SILVER|Metal Braiding|Snow Silver

  • DEBBY:

    "Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today. I'll always remember it."


  • I have a watch, the appearance of the watch is mottled and full of scars, and it is the medium between the connection and him. The watch originally belonged to him. He is over 80 tall, and my physique is not as good as his. I tried to fulfill his modeling dream, but he left my stage of life halfway. I wish he could know that I can do it. Carrying on another person's dream is also a kind of longing.

  • Series|CROSSOVER SERIES|Joint Series Case|ORIGINAL SILVER|Snow Silver Surface|FLOWOFTIME|Star Strap|ITALY LEATHER BLACK|Italy|Black

  • NING:

    "I have lost but I have never been afraid."


  • When I was a child, I wore glasses for a long time because of my amblyopia. I was not very good-looking, and I was bullied at school. My family knew about this situation. Until one day when I was 16 years old, I received an email, a model audition notice, and I wanted to I didn’t want to be bullied anymore after becoming pretty, so I immediately told my family the news. I thought my family would object, but my grandma and grandpa took me directly to the company without saying a word. From the beginning of my modeling journey to now, even now I am encouraged to become an artist. I am very grateful that my family has supported me in everything I do.

  • Series|CROSSOVER SERIES|Joint Series Case|CLASSIC SILVER|Snow Silver Surface|FLOWOFTIME|Cosmic Mayfly Strap|MESH STRAP SILVER|Metal Braiding|Snow Silver

  • DOLLY:

    "My life didn't please me, so I made my own."


  • Because of choices such as double majoring and Ph. D. classes, it seems that after college, people of the same age are no longer on the same level of life. I keep learning and get along with people younger than myself. Unknowingly, I have become a different person. Then limit yourself to what age you should look like? What milestones should be reached? Also because I live in a science and engineering group with a seriously unbalanced male-to-female ratio, I deeply feel that girls have to keep up with boys in a rational and high-speed life because of their physical weakness and more emotions. A person who has become an independent headache for those who care about him. These rare experiences have turned me into a little boy with a dreamy exterior but an inner interior. I hope that my contrasting cuteness will not make my dear people give up on me (laughs.

  • Series|CROSSOVER SERIES|Co-branded series case|ORIGINAL SILVER|Snow silver surface|FLOWOFTIME|The kind of blooming strap that does not fade easily|MESH STRAP SILVER|Metal braiding|Snow silver


    "Teach us how to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."


  • For a long time, this place has always been a place for me to find peace, relaxation, and a solid sense of belonging. It is a matter of course to do the same thing every day, and it is a matter of course to continue to do it. Instead of saying it is for people to see, it is more appropriate to use the word charming. Quietly, fluidly. Every move, every link is important, and there is no sloppy. Such a move, just looking at it, the heart will naturally calm down. It is quiet, beautiful, simple and warm.

  • Series|HANDCRAFT SERIES|Craft Series Case|ORIGINAL SILVER|Snow Silver Surface|ECLIPSE|Lacquer Series|Full Moon Strap|EMBOSSED LEATHER WHITE|Litchi Leather|White

  • LILY:

    "The good time is that even if the body is lost, the lost part will remain deep in the heart with deeper memories and stronger colors."


  • I like to hold a tripod alone in the middle of the night, sometimes without shoes, sometimes with shoes, listening to <there is a light never goes out>, walking on the empty road, every red light will turn into green light. During the day, I only press the shutter when the sun is full, regardless of whether there are people around me, I only press the shutter once at a time, and I don’t care about those that can’t stay.

  • Series|HANDCRAFT SERIES|Craft Series Case|ORIGINAL SILVER|Snow Silver Surface|MIST|Lacquer Series|Mist Strap|CLASSIC STRAP DARK BLUE|Classic Leather|Dark Blue


    "It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply."


  • Melancholy comes with panic, always thinking about a more perfect self, those undeserving lies, everyone has experienced more or less, can I do more to be better, how hard I have to work to have those The beauty that is within reach of others, ah...I seem to be like that person, can I become the one I most want to be? I can’t help but always ask myself in the dead of night, illness is like a prison for me, a prison with no end, only I can give me the key to be released, now, I am very happy, and I can accept that I will be sad.

  • Series|ZUWATCH SERIES|Customized Series Case|TOUGH ROSE|Rose Gold Surface|SIMPLE BLACK|Scale Model|Black Strap|FLANNEL STRAP DARK RED|Flannel Series|Red Strap|CLASSIC STRAP BERRY|Classic Leather|Berry Red

  • SANNA:

    "Everything will pass, everything can be the best consummation."


  • Doing things that I don't like at all, in exchange for doing things I like. When there is tension between complexity and simplicity, those sacrifices and losses are all for the sake of achieving the future and what you want to be. Set a stop loss point, and don't live up to your choice this year.

  • Series|ZUWATCH SERIES|Customized Series Case|CLASSIC SILVER|Snow Silver Surface|LIGHT BLACK|Bright Model|Black Strap|MESH STRAP BLACK|Metal Braiding|Black

  • SUNNY:

    "Be what I wanna be."


  • I hope that in the next ten, twenty, or thirty years, I will still be full of expectations for the world. Once I was at the peak point where everything returned to zero. In the past, I may feel uneasy, angry, and hesitant. Now I pat my buttocks and stand up, and I am a living dragon. But after experiencing these things, is it not the best understanding, no matter where you go, there will always be fellow travelers who will take you on the journey together, believe that the world is kind, and believe that like attracts like.

  • Series|ZUWATCH SERIES|Customized Series Case|CLASSIC / TOUGH ROSE|Rose Gold Surface|GRILLES BEIGE|Window Grille|Apricot Strap|MESH STRAP ROSE|Metal Braiding|Rose Gold Strap|CLASSIC STRAP PEACH|Classic Leather| Pink

  • PATTY:

    "Always be kind."


  • I haven't really figured out what to expect. Complexity and simplicity exist in the mind at the same time. I often make childish choices in front of opportunities, and choose things that I want to do and are willing to do. But after experiencing it a hundred times, I will gradually find that I can overcome those things that I don’t want to do and find it difficult. , the things you like can be allocated as you like.

    Growth is a kind of natural formation. Before you come and prepare, it quietly comes to every stage of life. Unintentionally, you will bravely accept and challenge these unskilled. In the future, you will definitely have more luck to do what you dream of . Because, who hasn't had the first time?

  • Series|ZUWATCH SERIES|Customized Series Case|ORIGINAL BLACK|Ink Black Surface|GENTRY BLACK|Digital Model|Black Strap|MESH STRAP SILVER|Metal Braided|Snow Silver

  • POIU:

    "Do more things that I don't like at all, in exchange for doing things I like."


  • I am quiet, I release, I am bad, I am cute, everyone has a light in their hearts, blooming our truest appearance. It's alright to not be fine. Accept your vulnerability sometimes, savor it in quiet moments, and eventually it will turn into the most natural and brilliant light.

  • Series|CROSSOVER SERIES|Joint Series Case|CLASSIC / TOUGH ROSE|Rose Gold Surface|GLACIER ROSE|Joint Series|Glacier|Rose Gold Strap|MESH STRAP ROSE|Metal Braiding|Rose Gold


    "I believe that the end of every experience is the beginning of a new movement in life."


  • "Beautician"

  • Series|ZUWATCH SERIES|Customized Series Case|CLASSIC / TOUGH ROSE|Rose Gold Surface|SIMPLE WHITE|Scale Model|White Strap|MESH STRAP ROSE|Metal Braiding|Rose Gold


    "In the realm of art, the details are God."


  • Don't look at me dyeing my hair like this. My hair used to be very long, can you believe it? Because the family concept is very traditional, everything will be rejected, and my family doesn't understand taking pictures! But I still choose to present the things I like in my own way, keep trying various possibilities, whether I have different feelings, and finally discover more different myself.

  • Series|ZUWATCH SERIES|Customized Series Case|TOUGH GOLD|Champagne Gold Surface|LIGHT WHITE|Bright Model|White Strap|FLANNEL STRAP DARK RED|Flannel Series|Red


    "Don't give up every crazy possibility."


  • Fragments of memories pieced together stories and what kind of person I have become from all experiences. I often describe myself as contradictory. I am engaged in design, but struggle with the doubts of the essence of visual presentation. Freedom is important, but it can be conservative and stable. , It's like a kind of peace of mind, I think it's rational, but sometimes I can't control my emotions, especially in long-term or immutable relationships.

    The values ​​that I insist on will still change over time, even over and over again. I agree with my own taste and vision. For some reason, I reject certain expressions and discussions, especially for people I don’t know well. I don’t think I have a complete story. It can be described, but there is no way to sum up all the related things in one form. If possible, can you spend some time getting to know me?

  • Series|HANDCRAFT SERIES|Craft Series Case|ORIGINAL SILVER|Snow Silver Surface|ECLIPSE|Lacquer Series|Full Moon Strap|CLASSIC STRAP WHITE|Classic Leather|White


    "A person's temperament comes from feeling, and the essential details are accumulated."