Warranty and Repair

All products purchased on the official website have a 7-day appreciation period. During the appreciation period, disassembly and trial use of the products are prohibited. If the product has been opened and used, it cannot be returned. If the returned product is free shipping, you must pay the shipping fee yourself.

1. yunivers hsieh products provide a one-year warranty service. The date from the date of purchase is based on the date stamped on the guarantee stamp, and the warranty service will be effective. In order to protect your rights and interests, please keep the product guarantee card properly.

2. The scope of warranty includes: related products of yunivers hsieh. (Selected products are subject to the original brand warranty standard)

​3. The warranty service does not include: 1. Failure to follow the assembly instructions, resulting in damage during the assembly process. 2. Damage caused by improper disassembly. 3. Abrasion and aging due to normal wear (such as: fading and oxidation of leather materials). The product is damaged due to scratches and human factors (such as knocking, accidents, discoloration, cracks, etc.).

​4. Every friend who buys is our unique customer. In the future, if there are related problems with the product and need to be repaired, please show the product guarantee card, and we will provide you with the best service.

5. The maintenance service is limited to the products of the company's brand. Free service within the warranty period with the guarantee card, please present the guarantee card when servicing.

6. Commodity inspection time: 7-15 days for the main island of Taiwan, 15-30 days for outlying islands or foreign countries.

7. Sending place for repair: 9th Floor, No. 59, Lane 75, Wenlin North Road, Beitou District, Taipei City: Received by Xie Dayu Co., Ltd. (0983-039-326).

8. Responsibility for storage: Please take back the repaired product within three months after the completion of the repair. Overdue is not responsible for storage. The repaired product will be fully handled by the brand. If the product is incomplete or has been disassembled, so that the parts are exposed, damp, damaged or have doubts about the quality requirements of the original factory, the repair center cannot provide repair services if it cannot judge the quality of the parts. Some products may be replaced with substitutes due to discontinuation of production or failure to obtain parts for some reason; if the repaired product is lost or other accidents and the responsibility lies with the brand, it will be replaced with a product of the same type or with an equal market price at that time. The repair center will troubleshoot the found faults and restore the original functions, and will not be able to provide proof documents such as product quality reports.

9. Maintenance charges: maintenance costs + other costs (such as: inspection fees, logistics processing fees, etc.) Those who meet the warranty conditions are exempted from maintenance costs or other costs; if the warranty period is exceeded or due to unnatural damage beyond the scope of the warranty, discretion charge for repairs or other charges. The correct maintenance fee shall be estimated after the faulty product is detected by the maintenance center. Please use the final quotation of the maintenance center as the final pricing method.

10. Payment method: 1. On-site payment (personal delivery for repairs) on-site pick-up payment with "Pickup SMS", you can choose to pay in cash or by credit card. 2. Online remittance: Please contact online customer service for remittance information.

► For the above maintenance instructions, yunivers hsieh reserves the right to modify or terminate the content, and the updated part of the article will not be notified in advance.


return policy

yunivers hsieh ® provides product return and exchange services. If the size of the watch or jewelry does not meet your expectations, please handle it within 7 days. If it is a customized product, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

Please inform Messenger customer service of the return, and it will not be accepted after more than 7 days. You need to bear the return fee: 60 yuan. Remind you that the delivery fee and packaging fee incurred by the order will not be refunded, only the product fee will be refunded. The return process takes about 5-7 working days.

1. Receive the purchase.

2. Return application: Please private message Messenger, fan page yunivers hsieh.

3. Return review: Take pictures of the product, and after the review is successful, inform the returner's name and phone number (about 1 working day).

4. Sending and returning: inform the shipping logistics number after sending (3-4 working days) Recipient's name: Xie Dayu Co., Ltd., receiving phone number: 0983-039-326, receiving address: Beitou, Taipei City 9th Floor, No. 59, Lane 75, Wenlin North Road, No. 10, Jianminli, District.

5. Review the returned product: After the review is successful, please provide refund information A. Bank code B. Bank account number C. Refunder’s name (1 working day)

6. Refund successful: the accountant refunds to the designated account (1-2 working days).


Logistics and Delivery

After the product is successfully ordered, we will ship it to you within 3-5 working days (excluding six days)! To inquire about the progress of the order, please ask in the Messenger private message.

Reminder for shipments from China, Hong Kong and Macau:

1. Shipping to Hong Kong and Macau: Please provide [formal name] [ID number] information required by SF Express.

2. Shipping to mainland China: Please provide [formal name] [ID number] information required by SF Express.


Privacy Policy

yunivers hsieh ® is Xie Dayu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company), in order to allow you to use various service information on the website with peace of mind, please read the privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as this privacy policy) carefully to protect your rights:

Article 1 Scope of application

How does the privacy policy of yunivers hsieh website (hereinafter referred to as this website) handle the personal data collected when you use the website service. The privacy protection policy does not apply to websites other than this website, and without the consent of members, we will never provide the personal information of members to any third party that has nothing to do with the services of this website.

Article 2 Personal Data Collection

When you register an account, browse the web, or participate in website activities, the company will collect your personally identifiable information. When you register, you need to provide your name, phone number, and e-mail address and other information. After you successfully register and log in to use our services, the company will obtain your personal information. The purpose of the company's collection of personal data: The company provides e-commerce services, customer service, protection of the relevant rights and interests of the parties and consumers, marketing business and other purposes. When you browse this website, the system will record relevant information and actions, including your name, e-mail address, address, IP address used for network connection services, usage time, browsing and clicking data records, etc. If you choose to buy and sell goods on this website, the company will collect your behavior data of buying and selling goods for the purpose of analyzing network traffic and behavior investigations, and will not point to specific individuals.

Article 3 Use of personal data

The personal information of users collected by the company is only for internal use of the company, and it has a permanent obligation of confidentiality.

Article 4 The right to amend the privacy policy

When you use the services provided by this website, the company will be deemed to have read and agreed to this privacy policy. The company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Protection Policy at any time, and the amended terms will be updated on this official website, please check the latest information at any time. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please stop using the services provided by this website immediately.


customer service inquiry

Reminder of yunivers hsieh product order rules: The product warranty is one year. Ray engraving products cannot be returned or exchanged. If there are any defects and time errors in the product, please ask in Messenger private message. The product is waterproof for life, and it is no problem to wash your hands in light rain, but leather products such as watch straps are not waterproof. Finally, thank you. If you like it, please leave a comment on the fan page and cheer us up!