Inspired by Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,"

From the pureness of nothing to the complexity of everything,

Through design and art, weaves everything together.


designer Introduction

Yuni Hsieh was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1990. He started exploring visual design at the age of 15 and his passion for design flourished from then on. During his studies, he focused on product and accessory design, and in 2012 he graduated and won the Gold Award in the Product Category at the Young Designers' Exhibition, becoming a rising star designer.

In 2014, he co-founded the crowdfunding consultancy company Backer-Founder and served as the design director. In 2015, he founded Neverdone Studio and created the multi-style watch brand ZuWATCH, which set the record for the highest crowdfunding for a watch in Taiwan at that time. In 2016, the brand won the Golden Pin Design Award, a prestigious design award in Asia. In 2020, Yuni Hsieh established his own designer brand, yunivers hsieh, focusing on his personal creative style and reshaping the design of fashionable watch accessories.


design concept

"The ultimate contemporary beauty is the faithful, strong, and complete expression of oneself."

Every fashion item represents not only its product or features but also an emotional value and a desire for identification. Each style presented is not simply about trends or fashion, but a realization of attitudes towards life and the art of living.

In each creation, we plan to express a style through elements such as unsymbolic, futuristic, artistic, and cosmic, with the expectation that each product can surpass material senses and values in people's lives.


brand history

yunivers hsieh was founded by Taiwanese designer Yuni Hsieh in 2020. It was formerly known as the watch brand ZuWATCH, which combined customization and personality elements in its watch designs. The brand has now transformed into a designer fashion accessories brand with a focus on exclusive customization, craftsmanship, and design aesthetics.

We uphold the vision of self-expression and aim to create inclusive, diverse, and cross-disciplinary collections. We make personal style development the core concept of our brand and seek to inspire and explore new methods, providing passionate creator and artist stories. We believe that the pursuit of progress can truly bring value into people's lives.

The yunivers hsieh team seeks the potential of any innovative design and develops partnerships with suppliers to create truly high-quality design products. We also focus on accessible product planning for ease of use, giving customers the freedom and space to express their personal styles.