New Form Fusion Table

The new FUSION series "New Style Fusion Watch" tries to create a conflict and fusion between light and heavy, simple and complex. Reinterpreting the changes in "shape" makes the watch present a completely different style and beauty.

Some watches tell time. but some tell a story

Aesthetic style is like a life story, the only constant is always changing. It transforms with time, space, popularity, old and new. We believe that style and shape should be dynamic, and each style is constantly combined, fused, conflicted, gradually changed, and transformed into a new model. A wristwatch is an excellent vehicle for presenting personal style. It should not only be a tool to tell the time, but also an attitude and fashion, and it is not only a time number, but also a story of your life.

Creating conflicts and integration between light and heavy, simple and traditional

Just like the fusion of two music styles, reinterpreting the change of form, "FUSION ™" uses the concept of "shape" to fuse and transform, and through the rapid combination of the shell, the watch presents a completely different style and beauty. In the first season, we launched two styles: "simple and light" and "three-dimensional steel".

Simple and light: reduce excess, remove the chaff and save the chaff

The design of CLASSIC expresses the characteristics of simplicity and nature. It is applied to the simplest dial, eliminating redundant decorations, and adding visual lightness and comfort with the lens-polished shell. The FUSION series adopts an "ultra-thin" Japanese-made movement, allowing more space for the structure of the watch. In addition to reducing the weight of the watch body and reducing the watch diameter to 36mm, the FUSION series can be easily converted from thin and light Heroes of style.

Three-dimensional steel hard: simple and neat, layered shape

TOUGH's Fusion concept exhibits conflicting aesthetics. The rigid shell is equipped with a brushed metal matte texture, and is quickly connected through the delicate top cover, so that the change of the shape can be converted instantly in seconds. The watch straps of the FUSION series are not limited to the assembly of the case, and the same watch strap can be replaced between light and rigid at will. To control the watches of the FUSION series, there is no need for complicated procedures, only the display of style.

  • SILVER snow silver with "bright" dial

  • BLACK ink black with "scale" dial

  • ROSE GOLD rose gold with "half gold" dial

  • GOLD Champagne gold with "Roman" dial

Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, sapphire glass mirror

In terms of mirror selection, the high-quality, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant sapphire tempered glass mirror is used in the past. The hardness of the sapphire mirror is second only to that of diamonds. Daily collisions and placement will not damage the surface. This mirror also has Excellent light transmittance allows you to have the best view all the time when using the watch.

Ultra-thin movement made in Japan

In order to present the concept of fusion watches more completely and reach the level we expect. We chose the MIYOTA 9T22 Japanese-made ultra-thin movement that is three times the price of a general quartz movement. Compared with the overall thickness of the previous movement reduced from 3.15 mm to 1.9 mm, and the time difference of less than 20 seconds per month, it provides a battery time of 3 years.

New online matching, experience the ever-changing watches

The new matching experience website makes watch matching more intuitive and interesting. In addition to the "wearing preview" function that everyone loves for men and women, there are more "style recommendations", "save matching" and "random matching". In the future, you can also order directly. Customize the watch style you match, so that everyone can experience the infinite possibilities of wearing and matching online.

More outfit photos

We have been expressing the new style and value of watches through the concept of "group". Now we look forward to pursuing a more comprehensive and simpler form, so that everyone can re-experience the transformation and fun of watches. And launched a new series of "FUSION ™" new form fusion watch.