Korean Celebrity Collaboration - Han Chae-young Glacier Collaboration

The "GLACIER" series is a collaboration design with Korean celebrity "Han Chae-young," expressing the idea that the precious Earth is the only one we have, through the representation of glacier crevasses and sparkling zirconia stones.

  • Famous actor / Korean star "Han Chaeyoung"

  • GLACIER Glacier Series

Fading glaciers run through the land

Call on the public to pay more attention to issues such as environmental protection and greenhouse effect. Mirror polishing is a metaphor for our earth, metal hair lines and gradient electroplating show the abstract concept of glaciers, so that the luster reflected from different angles is like the beauty of glaciers.




The mirror reflects our connection with nature

And the only one zircon is located at one o'clock, showing that there is only one earth, and everyone who guards it carefully will be like a diamond in the water, with light, brightness, and hope. With the gradual melting of glaciers, many beautiful creatures in the polar regions are beginning to face the crisis of survival. Therefore, we adopted an arctic fox through WWF, a foundation dedicated to animal conservation, so that we can actually use our actions to contribute a little to this world. .

Zircon touchstone, inlaid at one o'clock

The mirror polishing presents our earth, while the metal hairline texture and gradient electroplating show the glaciers, allowing different angles to reflect the luster like the beauty of glaciers. Finishing touch, dazzling.