metal stain art

The possibilities of creating watches through cross-border

This time we have invited "Light in Metalworking Lijma", which is also a Taiwanese designer brand in the field of metalworking, to jointly launch this joint style through light's many years of experience in craftsmanship and professional knowledge of metal characteristics. Metal Dye Series".

Fire roasting dyeing, basket empty pointer, craft inheritance

"Metal Dyeing Series" is made through fire roasting, chemical dyeing, and metalworking techniques. Through continuous testing, temperature and heat are controlled, and each piece is dyed with unique and unique dyeing lines.

Unique aesthetics, faithful expression of metalworking and watches

As for the design of the pointer, we choose to present it in the shape of a satin basket. On the temperature dial with a handmade craftsman, it embellishes the layered beauty of metal, insisting that each piece is handcrafted by a craftsman.

  • METAL SERIES - Straight patina

  • METAL SERIES - Patina Smudge

Handcraft Metal Dyeing Series

There are 5 styles in this series, which are oil painting, bright color, patina smudge, patina straight pattern and copper color. The technique of each style is slightly different, but it presents a completely different aesthetic feeling, faithfully expressing metalworking and watches, Unique depth of taste and texture.


  • METAL SERIES - Patina Smudged FOG


  • METAL SERIES - Oil painting PAINTING