Natural wood materials

Savor the beauty of exquisite woodwork

Wood art series, looking for rare wood species from all over the world, self-sourcing, planing, dyeing, hand-made, and digital processing are all to express the most moving texture and posture of materials; because of nature, each surface is unique, because of exquisite craftsmanship, always Every moment is beautiful.

Ingenious refinement, blending materials, process design

The surface design and development process is in cooperation with Taiwan's innovative team ARRT, which is committed to the research, design and development of wood material processing technology. The first wave of products on the market combines a variety of unique tree species and parts, such as dyed lace wood, refractory birch, bird's eye maple wood etc. The complicated pre-work and processing are only to perfectly present the irreplaceable scenery on the wrist.

Choose your own story

The natural textures full of beauty and artistry among different tree species are amazing, and also endow unlimited imagination space. Because of natural growth, even though it is the same tree species, each surface has its own characteristics.

Combining various unique tree species and parts

Different faces, different personalities, different journeys, just like the unique you in this world. Note: The wood art series is made of natural wood veneer, so the effect of each model is slightly different.