The beauty of hand-painted

Wearing the beauty of lacquer art on your hands for the first time

When the designer conceived a new style, he hoped to bring the "handmade beauty" to the watch. So we actively looked for artists to cooperate in the development, and we got to know "Dongshitu" in the process. An artist who practiced special lacquer techniques for eight years.

See the unique aesthetic level of lacquer art

After graduating from university, the artist devoted himself to the gradually declining interior paint industry, studying special paint techniques and various special effects at home and abroad, and is now known as Mr. A Dong in the interior paint industry. It is hoped that special paint can be applied to various objects so as to break through the limit or limitation of the original construction method.

A new series of styles, interpreting the aesthetics of lacquer art

In order to create a series of styles with a new feeling, we have developed three lacquer art series with the "color" and "characteristics" of paint as the core. They are 1. "Moon" series: based on the concept of the planet and the universe, it is made of foam material. 2. "Rust" series: through iron, copper and other metal powders for oxidation treatment, the effect is special and unpredictable, creating a natural texture. 3. "Enlightenment" series: Thinking about mountains, waves, stones, nature and other elements, drawing one by one with brush materials, is a unique series created by the artist with patience and handwork.

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Combination of manual art and precision industry

Handmade lacquer art, like other handicraft arts, faces the problem of inheritance. When there is no new generation of young people willing to take over, this traditional craft will slowly disappear. So we tried to combine the two with the concept of "handmade art of mass production". I believe that the unique artistic beauty will meet you through different forms, and then you can see the unique aesthetic level of lacquer art. Note: The lacquer art series is made by hand, so the effect of each model is slightly different.